05 June 2012

Willow Reads (18+ Series): Love Unscripted by Tina Reber

Ryan Christensen just wanted to be an actor. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that accepting a role in an unknown film would toss his career into overdrive. His new fame has cost him dearly; anonymity is no longer an option. His fans stalk him, the paparazzi hound him, and Hollywood studios all want a piece of him. Despite all of that, Ryan Christensen craves the most basic of human needs - to have love in his heart and privacy in his life.

Taryn Mitchell, the story's protagonist, is a realist. She's been feigning contentment, running the family pub in Seaport, Rhode Island, while quietly nursing her own internal heartaches. Her feet are fairly glued to the ground and she doesn't buy into all the hype that has descended on her tiny, coastal town. In her world, men are safe if they're kept at a distance.

Fate has other plans for these two when their paths cross one sunny afternoon. A group of female fans has attacked him, leaving his shirt torn, his face cut, and Ryan in obvious distress. Bonds between them form from the most dramatic of circumstances while jealousy, insecurity, and the stress of his celebrity life try to tear them apart.

Through all the tabloid lies, secrecy, and pressure, can Taryn's peace and Ryan's high-profile insanity live together in harmony?

Here's the usual spoiler alert! Spoiler warning! :D

Title: Love Unscripted (Love #1)
Author: Tina Reber
Page Count: 668
Book Website: http://tinareber.com/
Published: March 6, 2012
Source: Goodreads suggestion

Wow. Wow. Wow.
I completely loved this book. From freaking page one! 
I loved that the main character, Taryn, wasn't just some shy and inexperienced, scared of her past, weak person. I loved how she was able to gain Ryan's attention without knowing a thing about the guy, except for what people had told her. And we all know the rumor mill isn't exactly the best place to learn about a person, especially since Ryan is this extremely young and handsome actor who has had a recent rise to fame in a movie called Seaside. She's so selfless, she cares about people to the point to almost being motherly in a way.. She's an amazing person, despite what's happened to her in the past. 

Taryn, like I said, is pretty much clueless about who Ryan Christensen is. She knows that he and his fellow cast and crew brought all this annoying paparazzi to the town she lives and runs a pub in, but that's about it. The entire town of Seaport, Rhode Island is pretty much dazzled with this and fans are going beyond bonkers. One day the fan chase gets so bad that Ryan runs into Taryn's unopened pub to get away from danger; his shirt is torn, face cut, and he is so stressed the poor guy is probably almost reduced to tears. Taryn helps the guy out, giving him an old shirt of her newly deceased father's, cleaning him up, and gives him some free drinks just to sweeten the deal. 

They play pool for a long time, and they get to know each other pretty well in the span of the few hours. Not long later, he starts showing up and soon after that they begin dating. From there, it's a definite fast-paced romantic relationship between the two. It feels so real, too. I wasn't even Taryn, though Reber definitely wrote it so it felt like you were her. You know this girl is head over heels for the guy, and you experience her insecurities that feel so real. And they're easy to relate to... Ryan's this young, attractive, and wealthy actor... Why would he want the everyday average woman when there are so many picture perfect actresses and models out there that might work out better? 

What else is there about the book to love?
Oh! The friends. xD 
They're pretty amazing... I mean, there's humor to them but at the same time when Taryn thinks Ryan gave up on her... They don't let the relationship die, they believe in it. It's amazing. :) 

As with every book, with every author ever, there's going to be things about the book I'm not going to like. Unfortunately this book follows the trend of having a few things, but these definitely should NOT turn you away from reading this book.

I hated the part where Taryn and Ryan have all the problems towards the end. Not that it'd be perfect in paradise all the time, but this was just too confusing. xD I guess that's like a real relationship, though. The whole last bit of the book was sadness wrapped up in depression. It felt real and I didn't like that because it made me want to start bawling. You know that Taryn is hurting. But you don't really know what Ryan was thinking, because Taryn is so depressed. This part of the book would have been cool to alternate viewpoints between the two so we could know what he was thinking-- this is something I normally don't suggest, but with how Reber wrote this book.. It'd work well here. Just not too much of it.

Another thing- I didn't care much for the car accident. I believe this caused the issues mentioned in the previous paragraph. When Taryn lost the baby especially... That made it shades darker for the couple, unfortunately.

Overall, I DEFINITELY recommend this book to everyone. It's got its dark points, but I just finished it yesterday and I'm dying for the release of book #2. I really need to read it. I can't wait for the continuation of Ryan and Taryn's relationship. Hopefully another near-700 paged book where there's a wedding and some kids?

This book was so beautifully written, with beautiful thought out characters, beautiful cover art... Everything is just so beautiful about this book. Tina Reber is extremely talented and if she keeps writing like this, I will DEFINITELY be her number 1 fan... Minus the stalking. Don't want to end up like Angelica, now do I? ;D

Update 6/5/12: I was on Goodreads, like my usual self, and Tina Reber had this video in her videos: 

This is the song that Ryan sings right before proposing to Taryn. So this is kind of amazing. :D 
Bringing it to life makes it better, agreed?


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