03 June 2012

Willow Reads: Endure (Need #4) by Carrie Jones

Zara is at the center of an impending apocalypse. True, she’s successfully rescued Nick from Valhalla, but it simply isn’t enough. Evil pixies are ravaging Bedford, and they need much more than one great warrior; they need an army. Zara isn’t sure what her role is anymore. She’s not just fighting for her friends; she’s also a pixie queen. And to align her team of pixies with the humans she loves will be one of her greatest battles yet. Especially since she can’t even reconcile her growing feelings for her pixie king . . .

Unexpected turns, surprising revelations, and one utterly satisfying romantic finale make Endure a thrilling end to this series of bestsellers.


SPOILER WARNING- This book is really new, so I'm going to  put this here. :)

Title: Endure (Need series #4)
Author: Carrie Jones
Page Count: 272
Book website: http://www.carriejonesbooks.com/
Published: May 8, 2012
Source: First book loaned to me by a friend. :)

This series has had my heart since the first book; I instantly fell in love with Zara and her obsession with phobias from page one. Well now the series is over and I'm here to say that, if you're anything like me, you'll absolutely hate how it ends. It seems that we're going to get another book, when we all know that it's not happening. 

In the end, Zara is no longer pixie. She's only half pixie, like the series started all over again but with her having more knowledge and about a year's worth of knowledge of what happened. She ends up with Astley (which I was happy about, honestly... After Nick treated her horribly this time around... I was mad at him), and all of Frank's pixies belong to Astley. Yes, Frank dies finally. Details in the book. ;P

Winter is over. My friends and I own lives where we can all exist without constant fear. It's a life where I can be proud of being half pixie, proud of who I am, who we all have become.
-Final  paragraph of Endure 
It seems pretty final, but it's like "WHAT HAPPENS?" 
What's their next adventure, what's their next drama? 
I mean, there has to be more.. right?


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