27 October 2013


Hey, everyone... Well, if anyone's still out there anyway. xD

I'm backkk. I haven't been here since my Vampire Academy movie update in May. There's so much stuff going on with that, but you can check google. There's a bunch of stuff happening with it, and the release date is still Valentine's day 2014. xD

So what have I been up to since May? A lot of things have happened, and I don't care to talk about many of them. But, I did get into Supernatural. I really love that show and MOOSE IS FINE... uh... er.. I.. I mean... mine. :look:

Anyway, I haven't actually read that much over the past few months. Mostly I've been focused on watching more than reading, which is out of character for me.. But I have two books I've read recently that I'm going to review. One I just finished reading, the other was finished last week.

So, just wanted to let everyone know that I'm alive. And I'll fix the theme, too. But after the review and that, I have to get to homework because I've been in school, too. xD Gotta play the bassoon later, 'cause I get graded on the F major scale on Tuesday. I've only touched the bassoon once before, so it's pretty clear that I need to practice. xD

Hope you're all well. I mean, the four followers I do have... I've barely talked to any of you all semester, so feel free to owl me, tweet me, or whatever... And we can talk. xD


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